Servo 3

Servo 3 is a retentive ball anchor mainly for cover dentures with a female which can be activated. The female is made of Silver-Palladium and has a retentive area for fixing into resin. The male is made either of burn out plastic or HFA for casting to high and semi precious alloys. Each attachment is delivered with a spacer and a silicon ring.


  • easy application
  • inexpensive
  • small dimensions
  • can be activated
REF Description
3118 2 pieces SERVO-3-attachment, male HFA/female Pd/Ag
3119 2 pieces SERVO-3-attachment, male plastic/female Pd/Ag
3120 2 pieces female pd/ag of SERVO-3-attachment, single
3121 2 pieces male metal of SERVO-3-attachment, single
3123 Activating-Reactivating instrument for Servo 2 & Servo 3

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