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Servo-Dental has many years of experience in manufacturing implants, abutments and accessories. Based on this experience Servo-Dental not only produces two implant systems under its own brand name, but also products for external clients.








For the single-tooth and bridge dentures different abutments are available for the respective implant diameters and gingival heights.
The Trias®bar Abutment comprises the bar components for implant-retained prostheses. The bar segments which can be used for all constructions and consist of bar post, connector and bar screw are suitable for all physiological variations.
As a result of its flexibly exchangeable acrylic females, the Trias®locator Abutment allows retention of the complete denture prosthesis to be tailored to the individual’s specific needs.
The placement of implants using a ball attachment system is a proved and tested therapy which excels by its favourable cost-benefit ratio in particular.
The Trias®tsa Abutment contains an integrated damping element inside the post. Thus it guarantees optimal biomechanical properties and enables an even force distribution to prosthesis, bones and inserted implants.
The Trias®cone Abutment is a prefabricated conical crown connection for implant-retained prostheses.