Light curing tray custom material

First-Tray is a light curing tray material in form of prefabricated, upper baseplates to make rigid, custom impression trays and bite-blocks, as well as for other indications. First-Tray can be cured in all ultraviolet and Halogen light curing units. The baseplates are supplied in a re-usable light-proof box which can be used for transporting or storing models etc.


  • Light curing custom tray material, based on hybridcomposite
  • Excellent and always same properties
  • Clean and fast workout
  • Surplus material can be re-used for other works without any problems
REF Description
2810003 First-Tray, pink (50 pcs.)
2810020 First-Tray, blue (50 pcs.)
2810034 First-Tray, natural (50 pcs.)

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