Anchor systems

The Servo-Dental anchor system is an extra coronal retaining element for partial prosthetics.You can choose from a resilient and a rigid version


  • The Servo-Dental Anchor System is interchangeable and activatable anchor ensures a safe fixation to the residual denture.
  • Due to the slightly conical shape of the anchor the work can be easily inserted by the patient, thus enabling perfect hygiene


  • one-bar eyelet standard
  • double-bar eyelet standard
  • triple-bar eyelet standard
  • one-bar eyelet gingival
    • Particular advantages of one-bar eyelet gingival:
      • The mucosa arch (rest arch) enables an optimal contact to the gingival promoting healthy gingival
      • The basal area can be veneered with ceramic
      • The openings at the sides guarantee optimal hygienic (self cleaning)

General survey anchor systems


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Manual anchor systems

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