Snap-Slot latch

The Snap-Slot latch is a rigid extra coronal stabilizing and connecting element for partials, unilateral partials, constructions over implants as well as for split- and removable bridge work.


  • The Snap-Slot consists of only 3 main parts with a minimal height of only 3,7mm.


REF Description
7800 Starter Set SD-Snap Slot Latch HFA Primary Part
7810 Starter Set SD-Snap Slot Latch Non-Precious Primary Part
7830 SD-Snap Slot Latch compl. HFA Primary Part, red
7840 SD-Snap Slot Latch compl. Non-Precious Primary Part, blue
7811 HFA Primary Part
7821 Non-Precious Primary Part
7812 Ag./Pd. Axis
7813 Titanium Housing
7814 Duplicating Aid and Thick Headed Screw
7815 Auxiliary Axis and Flat Headed Screw
7816 Polymerisation Sleeves and Fixing Axles
7817 Unlocking Pin for the Patient
7818 Paralleling Tool


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