Servo Quick

Speed investment for all metals

Servo-Quick is a phosphate-bonded, graphite-free speed-investment compound for all crown and bridge techniques.


  • Nearly the same chemical and physical properties like Servo-Norm.
  • Special feature: After setting time is over, Servo-Quick may be put directly into oven, previously preheated to the desired final working temperature.
  • Heating up the oven in several steps is not necessary.
REF Description
2100040 ServoQuick – Fast investment (30 x 150g)
2100041 ServoQuick – Mixing liquid (1l)
2100045 ServoQuick – Mixing liquid (5l)
2100042 ServoQuick – Fast investment (30 x 150g), incl. 1l mixing liquid
999920 ServoQuick – Fast investment sample package

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Manual Servo-Quick