SD-Attachment LV

The Servo SD-attachments are vernier adjustable, extra coronal retaining elements. The SD-attachment LV is a longer version of the classic SD-attchment and has integrated guidance in the housing, corresponding to the grooves in the male. The height of the SD-LV can be individually adjusted, depending on the situation. In both cases friction is achieved through vernier adjustment of the acrylic female sliding over the male. The male is of burn out acrylic and the housing and activating screw are both made of titanium. The housing can either be lasered or bonded with adhesives into the prosthetics.


  • height can be individually adjusted
  • vernier adjustment of friction
  • integrated guiding grooves
  • simple exchange of the friction element


REF Description
134079900 SD-Attachment LV Set 90° Ti/plastics including tools
134099900 SD-Attachment LV Set 30° Ti/plastics including tools
134539300 SD-attachment LV 90°, titanium/plastic, complete
134519300 SD-attachment LV 30°, titanium/plastic, complete
134145000 SD male LV 30°, plastic, single
134155000 SD male LV 90°, plastic, single
134470100 SD-attachment LV titanium housing 90°, single
134480100 SD-attachment LV titanium housing 30°, single
134723100 SD-attachment LV male-parallel holder
134725000 SD-attachment duplication
134735000 SD-attachment duplication


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