The ROD-Attachment is a rigid, extra coronal slide attachment. The male is made of burn out plastic and can be therefore cast in nearly every alloy. The female is made of a highly elastic and precise acrylic material. The female is exangeable.


  • paralleling mandrel is placed to the patrix rod
  • females are easy to replace
  • females are available with different interior diameters for individual friction
  • inexpensive attachment for partial denture
  • castable or solderable INOX sleeves guarantee exact positioning of the females
REF Description
69975 Female, orange, resilient
69977 Male, blue
69978 Insertion tool
86373/1 Inox housing
86373/1T Titanium housing
86374 Female, black
86375 Female , red
86376 Female, white
86378 Female, yellow, rigid
86380 Set ROD-attachment complete
86380/1 Set ROD-Attachment complete without insertion tool
89100 Set ROD-Attachment (elongated to distal) complete
89300 Male (elongated to distal), green
89301 Set ROD-Attachment (elongated to distal) complete without insertion tool
89400 Free ROD Male, green
89401 Free ROD-Paralleling tool
86380/3 Set Free ROD-Attachment complete with paralleling tool
86380/4 Set Free ROD-Attachment complete without paralleling tool

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