The BAR-Connector-System consists of differently profiled bars made of burn out plastic, spacers and females made of a highly elastic and precise acrylic material. It has a wide application range.


  • Can be used with any kind of alloy
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily exchangeable females with different inner diameters for different degrees of friction
  • INOX housings can be polymerized directly into the prosthesis for a perfect fit of the females
  • Metal housings also available in titanium
REF Description
86379 Bar-Connector Set 1, rigid
86377 Bar-Connector Set 1, resilient
69968 Bar-Connector Set 2, rigid
69969 Bar-Connector Set 2,resilient
69970 Bar-Connector Set 3, rigid
69971 Bar-Connector Set 3, resilient
69972 Profiled bar, green
69973 Drop shaped, yellow
69974 Round bar, blue
69975 Female, orange, resilient
69976 Spacer
69978 Insertion tool
86373/1 INOX housing
86373/1T Titanium housing
86374 Female, black
86375 Female, red
86376 Female, white
86378 Female, yellow, rigid

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