Snap-In latch

The Snap-In latch is an extra coronal retention, supporting and splinting unit for use in partial dentures and implant-borne superstructures.


  • The Snap-In extra coronal latch locks into place automatically.
  • Light pressure on the pin is sufficient to unlock it automatically and it can be removed without having to touch the latch.


REF Description
8450 Starter-Kit SD-Snap-in latches
8451 SD-Snap-in latches, red
8451/0 SD-SNAP-in-latches primary lengthening, red
8451/1 SD-SNAP-in-latches secondary part, red, complete
8451/2 SD-SNAP-in-latches axis red
8451/3 SD-SNAP-in-latches primary part red
8451/4 SD-SNAP-in-latches duplication-secondary part red, compl.
8451/5 SD-SNAP-in latches primary part HFA, red/blue
8451/6 SD-SNAP-in-latches primary part Pt/Ir., red/blue
8452 SD-Snap-in latches, blue
8452/0 SD-SNAP-in-latches primary part, lengthening blue
8452/1 SD-SNAP-in-latches secondary part, blue, compl.
8452/2 SD-SNAP-in-latches axis, blue
8452/3 SD-SNAP-in-latches primary part blue
8452/4 SD-SNAP-in-latches duplicatingsecondary part blue, compl.
8453 Paralleling mandrel Easy-Slot and SD-SNAP-in latches
8454 SD-SNAP-in latches reamer
8455 SD-Snap-in latches leaf spring
8456 SD-Snap-in latches spiral spring
8457 SD-Snap-in latches plastic sleeve
8458 SD-SNAP-in-latches ceramic pin 2 mm
8459 SD-SNAP-in-latches protection pin
8460 SD-SNAP-in-latches duplicationaxis
8470 Starter-set SD-SNAP-in-latcheswith HFA-primary part
8471 SD-SNAP-in-latches, red with HFA primary part
8472 SD-SNAP-in-latches blue with HFA primary part
8480 Starter-set SD-SNAP-in-latches with Pt/Ir. primary part
8481 SD-SNAP-in-latches red with Pt/Ir. primary part
8482 SD-SNAP-in-latches blue with Pt/Ir. primary part


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