The TeleClick is an intra coronal retaining element for telescopic crowns. It is also suitable on the side of a bar in combination with implants. The TeleClick for precious and semi precious alloys is made of HFA and for non precious alloys it is made of Pt / Ir.


  • small dimensions (height 3,0 mm, depth male/female 0,5 mm each)
  • confident patient due to click that secures the denture in the final position
  • exchanging the spring is made easy by using the spring remover
  • can be used with nearly every alloy on the market
  • for high an semi precious alloys using HFA male and female
  • for non precious alloys using Platin-Iridium male and female
  • the spring is made of 22 carat gold and is only 0,2mm thick


REF Description
138011200 Starterset SD Tele Click solid, Pt/Ir.
138021200 Starterset SD Tele Click resil., Pt/Ir.
138031300 Starterset SD Tele Click solid, HFA
138041300 Starterset SD Tele Click resil., HFA
138121200 SD Tele Click female resil., Pt./Ir.
138121300 SD Tele Click female resil., HFA
138131200 SD Tele Click female solid, Pt./Ir.
138131300 SD Tele Click female solid, HFA
138141200 SD Tele Click male Pt./Ir.
138141300 SD Tele Click male HFA
138501200 SD Tele Click solid, Pt./Ir., complete
138511200 SD Tele Click solid, HFA, complete
138501300 SD Tele Click resil., Pt./Ir., complete
138511300 SD Tele Click resil., HFA, complete
138593100 SD Tele Click parallel holder
138784200 SD Tele Click gold spring
138785000 SD Tele Click acrylic spring
138804200 SD Tele Click refill pack gold spring (4 piece)
138953100 SD Tele Click spring remover
138865000 SD Tele Click Acrylic bars (6 pieces)


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