Servo Norm


Phosphate bonded precision investment

Servo-Norm is a phosphate bonded, precision investment meeting all necessary requirements of modern Dental technique, for crown and bridge techniques. Thanks to its remarkably fine grain composition, silky-like, smooth casted surfaces are achieved.


  • Excellent chemical and physical properties for all precious and non-precious alloys.
  • Adjustable to the corresponding expansion for any alloy through the concentration of the liquid.
  • Very precise reproduction.
  • Ultrafine grain composition and thermal stability guarantee perfect cast surfaces.
  • Sufficient processing time and excellent flow properties.
  • Sand-blasting possible with low pressure ( 0,5 to 2,0 bar ) in order not to damage the smooth surfaces and precision parts.
  • Total expansion of approx. 3,8%.


REF Description
2100000 ServoNorm – Precision investment (crowns/bridges) (40 x 150g)
2100001 ServoNorm – Mixing liquid (1l)
2100005 ServoNorm – Mixing liquid (5l)
2100003 ServoNorm – Precision investment (crowns/bridges), bulk, 10 kg.
2100006 ServoNorm – Precision investment (crowns/bridges) (40 x 150g), incl. 1l mixing liquid
999930 ServoNorm – Precision investment sample package


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Manual Servo-Norm